Surgeries and Operations

Happy couple using digital tablet in bed at home
How to Prepare for and Recover From Masculinizing Top Surgery
Chicken salad sandwich wrap on a white plate as part of a 3-day diet before surgery
What Foods Should I Eat Before Surgery?
Mature woman with pills or vitamins on her hand
Why Can't You Take Vitamins Before Surgery?
a collage of some of the best vitamins for healing after surgery on a colorful patchwork background of green, orange and purple
The 5 Best Vitamins for Healing After Surgery, According to Doctors
Tomato juice, vegetable juice
How to Progress Your Diet After a Small Bowel Obstruction
ginseng roots
Vitamins to Avoid Before Surgery
A bariatric patient should eat the calories in tuna tataki over arugula salad on a white plate
How Many Calories Should You Eat After Weight-Loss Surgery?
What Fruits Can You Eat After a Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Woman Doing Cardio Exercises on a Stationary Bike at the Gym
The Safest Way to Approach Exercise After a Tummy Tuck
Top view of a quinoa bowl with chicken and kidney beans, as an example of foods to eat after surgery
The Best Foods to Eat After Surgery to Help With Recovery
Top view of a bowl of broth for someone starting a liquid diet
Here's What to Know Before You Start a Liquid Diet
Patient talks about shoulder pain with doctor
Here’s What to Expect After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

At our surgeries and operations page, we understand that undergoing surgery can be a complex and potentially daunting experience. We offer a variety of resources to help you better understand various surgical procedures, including information on preparation, recovery and potential risks and complications.

Our team of medical experts provides in-depth articles on specific surgical procedures, as well as general information on surgical safety and how to prepare for surgery. We also offer advice on how to manage pain and discomfort after surgery and how to speed up the recovery process.

Whether you are facing surgery yourself or are looking to learn more about surgical procedures, our surgeries and operations page has something for you. We offer practical tips for managing surgical stress and anxiety, advice on when to seek medical attention and information on various surgical facilities and providers."

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