Drugs and Medications

an illustration of a box of Benadryl and multiple blister packs on a light blue background
How Bad Is It Really to Take Benadryl Every Day?
A close up photo of a person holding a white pill up to their lips showing overdosing on NSAIDs
You Might Be Overdosing on NSAIDs — Here's How to Avoid It
illustration of expired over-the-counter medications in medicine cabinet on blue tile bathroom wall
How Bad Is It Really to Take Expired Over-the-Counter Medicine?
Rear view of young woman with bag standing against shelf in pharmacy searching for medicine
NSAIDs and High Blood Pressure: What You Should Know
a glass cup of ginger tea with lime and honey and raw ginger in the background on a on wooden cutting board
What to Know About Ginger and Blood Pressure Medications
Eating yogurt probiotics
Are Probiotics Better in Pill Form or in Yogurt?
Close view of a woman taking a prednisone pill with water
Does Taking Prednisone Affect Your Potassium Levels?
Breakfast spread with baked goods and cereal
Is Trisodium Phosphate As a Food Additive Safe to Eat?
Close-Up Of Woman Taking antidepressant holding mug of caffeinated coffee
Can You Mix Caffeine and Antidepressants or Anti-Anxiety Medications?
A close up of a person's hands and feet with their hands holding their toes
Why Terbinafine and Alcohol Don't Mix
Red vine served with green olives and cheese.
Can I Drink Wine If I'm Taking an Antihistamine?
Directly Above Shot Of Pineapples On Cutting Board
Are There Drugs That Interact With Eating Fresh Pineapple?
Portrait of woman brushing teeth
3 Health Purposes of Dicalcium Phosphate
Woman Takes Her Daily Dose of Pills
Top Tips for Taking Metoprolol
Fresh zucchini
5 Important Food Tips for Patients Taking Coumadin
Fresh citrus tonic water with lemon juice
What You Should Know About Foods That Contain Quinine

At our drugs and medications page, we understand that prescription and over-the-counter drugs can be complex and potentially risky if not used properly. We offer a wealth of resources to help you better understand various drugs and medications, including information on uses, side effects and interactions.

Our team of medical experts provides in-depth articles on specific drugs and medications, as well as general information on drug safety and how to use medications effectively. We also offer advice on how to read medication labels and avoid potential drug interactions.

Whether you're dealing with a specific medical condition or simply want to learn more about prescription and over-the-counter drugs, our drugs and medications page has something for you. We offer practical tips for managing medication side effects, advice on when to seek medical attention and information on various medication management tools."

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